Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse?

In honor of our family vacation next week.....


Family Update

Sorry I haven't updated before now but life has been a little hectic for the past few days.

First and most important, Granny Bobbie Jean is strong enough for the lung surgery and they have it scheduled for Monday, April 6th. They scheduled it 3 weeks out (from the date of her stress test) to give her lungs more time to heal from her recent pneumonia. The doctors say they will break a rib and cut out a wedge of her upper right lung. They are going to remove the tumor and more tissue around it to make sure they got everything. Please remember her in your prayers.

On a happier note, I got to visit some of my family from Pennsylvania last night. I got a call from my Grandpa on Monday afternoon that my great Aunt and Uncle were coming in Tuesday for the night and invited us over for dinner. It was a lot of fun. Its sad to have family live 18-20 hours away and not be able to see them very often but I thank God for the time we do have together.

We're going to DISNEY, we're going to Disney!!! We'll be hitting the parks April 1st-5th and I can't wait. I think I'm more excited than the boys. We were originally planning to stay until the 7th but we wanted to be back in time for Granny's surgery so we shortened it to Sunday. Five days is still plenty of time. I'm just praying for GREAT weather. I've been keeping an eye on the forecast and it changes almost daily. I think we can count on rain at least one day but we should be sunny and in the 80s the rest of the time.

Tyler's birthday is April 4th and since we'll be at Disney, we are having his birthday party this Sunday. Of all the themes he could choose, it had to be Star Wars. He's a Star Wars fanatic but I just don't understand the hype about it. LOL It should be a lot of fun regardless of the theme.

Now, if only I could snap my fingers and the suitcases be packed, the house clean and ready for the party......

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello everyone, I'm not bringing any good news today. In fact I really need to add someone to your prayers. Michael's Granny Bobbie Jean found out on Friday that she's in need of lung surgery. They found a mass on her right lung and ran some tests on it and while they can't confirm 100% that its cancer, they know its not scar tissue. She's undergoing a stress test and other testing today to see if her heart is strong enough for the surgery as its considered "stressful". Her only option is surgery and radiation or just radiation as they say chemo is out for some reason.

The positive in this is that they caught it fairly early. She is prone to bronchitis 4-5 times per year so they were able to look back at all her prior charts and see this is new. She was in the hospital with pneumonia about a month ago and that's when the mass was discovered.

This news has been hard on Michael and I as having already been through this with my Aunt Jeri and Michael's Grandpa Wadell (neither of which had a happy outcome). What's even harder is there's no denying that Granny Bobbie Jean is Tyler's (my almost 8 year old) best friend ever and we can't bring ourselves to tell him yet. He cried and worried the whole time she was in the hospital with pneumonia and begged her on the phone to come home. I know this is going to hurt him SO bad so until we know if she's able to have the surgery or if the only option is radiation, we don't think we're going to tell Tyler. He knows she's sick but as often as she's sick with bronchitis, he really hasn't thought much about it yet.

I so desperately pray for a positive outcome in this. I know how much she means to so many people, myself included, but I've prayed for years that we wouldn't be faced with anything like this with her until Tyler was grown. I honestly don't know what this would do to him.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for our Granny!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Because

In honor of Michael Jackson week on American Idol and because I've been such a slacker blogger, here is a crazy video I did a while back. I think I totally blew away AI's group performance of this. HA HA

Danny Gokey - Very talented but gosh dangit he is HOTT. :o)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to my hubby

My husband, Michael, of almost 10 years is celebrating his 32nd birthday on Sunday. He is such a wonderful husband and father. Sometimes I take him for granted or don't show how him enough how much I'm in love with him but I honestly can't picture my life without him.

Tyler called the local radio station this morning to put his name on the birthday list and Tyler said he was 21. Oops! Yeah, he probably wishes he was 21 again.

We don't have a big party planned for him but I'm going to buy him an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, going to cook him a nice breakfast (which I hardly ever do) and a big dinner. A way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? I'm still trying to decide if I want to include a few other family members or let it just be special for the 4 of us.

I have no clue what kind of gift to get him. Men can be SO hard to buy for sometimes. I'm probably going to just ask him what he wants but if he doesn't have anything in mind, I think I'm going to buy him another Wii Guitar for Guitar Hero and the Aerosmith game. We bought Tyler Guitar Hero III for Christmas and they love it. They often talk about getting another guitar so they can play together. Tyler will probably think its HIS birthday too.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Me and my little brother Eric at his wedding in November. I love him very much.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends! I hope everyone enjoys their special family time. Give them all an extra hug this Christmas.

I hope you get what you asked for. I was very practical and asked for a freaking AWESOME vacuum cleaner. I'm tired of having to operate on my old one every time I use it. I hope I've been extra special and Santa will bring me an extra surprise. LOL Its always nice getting something you're not expecting.

Have a safe and blessed holiday!! MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM DIXIE!

With Love,