Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello everyone, I'm not bringing any good news today. In fact I really need to add someone to your prayers. Michael's Granny Bobbie Jean found out on Friday that she's in need of lung surgery. They found a mass on her right lung and ran some tests on it and while they can't confirm 100% that its cancer, they know its not scar tissue. She's undergoing a stress test and other testing today to see if her heart is strong enough for the surgery as its considered "stressful". Her only option is surgery and radiation or just radiation as they say chemo is out for some reason.

The positive in this is that they caught it fairly early. She is prone to bronchitis 4-5 times per year so they were able to look back at all her prior charts and see this is new. She was in the hospital with pneumonia about a month ago and that's when the mass was discovered.

This news has been hard on Michael and I as having already been through this with my Aunt Jeri and Michael's Grandpa Wadell (neither of which had a happy outcome). What's even harder is there's no denying that Granny Bobbie Jean is Tyler's (my almost 8 year old) best friend ever and we can't bring ourselves to tell him yet. He cried and worried the whole time she was in the hospital with pneumonia and begged her on the phone to come home. I know this is going to hurt him SO bad so until we know if she's able to have the surgery or if the only option is radiation, we don't think we're going to tell Tyler. He knows she's sick but as often as she's sick with bronchitis, he really hasn't thought much about it yet.

I so desperately pray for a positive outcome in this. I know how much she means to so many people, myself included, but I've prayed for years that we wouldn't be faced with anything like this with her until Tyler was grown. I honestly don't know what this would do to him.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for our Granny!


Minxy Mimi said...

I hope she pulls thru this.

Toni said...

You know I will be praying :)