Thursday, November 13, 2008

My brother's wedding drama has begun

Complaint 1
My little brother, Eric, is getting married this Saturday and Gavin is going to be the ring bearer. He called me semi-frantic Tuesday afternoon that he had Gavin's tux and we needed to find out as soon as possible if it fit so we could get replacements in time. That's understandable and standard procedure so what's got you so upset? Eric got his tux at the same time and it was nothing but the tux itself. There was NO tie, no vest, no fancy jewelry buttons and his shirt was the wrong size. What are these people smoking? How can you "forget" to include 1/2 the freaking tux?

Complaint 2
My Mom, Dad and I are hosting the rehearsal dinner Friday night. My Mom gets a call yesterday morning from the preacher's wife which also happens to be the bride-to-be's aunt. She asked Mama what we were having Friday night. First off, its doesn't really matter what we are eating. When you are a guest somewhere you don't call and request a dinner menu. Anyway, my Mom tells her the menu all the way down to the desserts of strawberry pies, chocolate delight and banana pudding. The preacher's wife says "That sounds good except for one problem?" Yeah, what's that problem? "Paul (the preacher) is a diabetic and he can't have those desserts. You need to have a sugar free pie." Then, she proceeds to tell my Mom that at Walmart in the bakery they have sugar free chocolate, lemon and coconut pies and that we should buy one for Paul.

You know what lady? I am in charge of the desserts and your husband is a GROWN freaking man. He knows what he can have and what he can't. If you want him to have a pie so bad, YOU buy one from Walmart and he can have the whole freaking thing when he gets home from rehearsal.

When you go someplace like this if there's something there you don't like, want or need, you just skip over it and move on to the next thing. I can't believe anyone would do such a thing much less a preacher's wife.

I'll have to listen out and let you know if she requests something similar at the wedding reception.


Minxy Mimi said...

Thats ridiculous to say you have to get a frickin pie! OMG... the nerve!

Jess said...

Sorry about the wedding complaints. I hope they get it all straighten out.

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