Friday, November 14, 2008

Promote Blog Peace: Join in the stand against Drama

A Daily Dose of Toni
I was listening to Jen from Posh Point of View today on her show over at The Classy Closet and she said something that really stuck with me. She said "World peace, everybody"
When I heard that I thought what a phrase, of course most of us know that it's the 'beauty queen' phrase but when you think about it why not apply it to blog land and have "Blog Peace"
We all know how drama filled the world of blogging can be (and has been lately) and let me just tell you I personally am tired of it, it's a big blog world out there with lots of people to get to know and enjoy. Banning, backstabbing and cattiness need not be in the blog world.
If you are like me you use blogging as a means to escape your everyday "real" life for just a little bit. It's a place to be theraputic, have fun giveaways, share cool products you come across and just get to know other awesome people. You have the chance to just have a good time and give others a laugh or cry.
So why oh why do we need drama??
The answer is WE DON'T!!!!!!!
Please REPOST this on your blog to take a stand and have your voice heard:
Now come on all you blogging queens let's join together and let everyone know we won't stand for drama, we won't stand for blocking people from our sites, we won't stand for being immature,
We won't stand for bashing other blogs...because we stand for BLOG PEACE!
We come here to have fun, to win stuff, to learn about others and thank God that someone else's child is not ours when we see him/her doing something naughty! It's a place to be yourself and
Share who you are with tons of people and brighten other peoples day.
Who's with me, who out there in bloggy land is tired of the blog bullies? Who out there is tired of the mean girls in the blog world?~And I will be the first to admit I was a mean girl to one blogger in the past and I am so very sorry for what I did~
Who wants to stand up and say "We want blogging to be fun again", "We want blogging to be about friendships?", "We want to not have to look over our shoulder and wonder if we are going to be blogged about".
Let's stand together today and say to everyone out there in blog land "We Promote Blog Peace" and we want everyone to just get along.
Please repost, grab the "I Promote Blog Peace" button to wear with pride, and sign mister linky if you want to take a stand for Blog peace and link back to here. As well as let's all get out there and tweet that we promote blog peace too, spread the word. When you tweet just put #blogpeace (no spaces) in your tweet, that way if anyone searches for blogpeace they will find all of us who support it!


MMJ said...

Yeah...I do the tins now (or plastic holiday ones from Walmart). I dropped one of the glass ones and wasted the Oreo balls inside (very So yeah...don't do those anymore!

Minxy Mimi said...

I hear ya Brandi!!!

Minxy Mimi said...

Hey Brandi... go to my blog here:

I tagged you... let me know if you have questions on how to do this!